IT Consultation for professional and private
IT Consultation for professional and private


• Network Solutions:
For your network solutions, we plan and setting up networks to meet specific business needs, ensuring optimal performance and security. Implementing measures to protect the network from unauthorized access, data breaches, and other cyber threats. Continuous monitoring of network performance, identifying issues, and proactively managing network resources.

• Cloud Solutions:
For our Cloud solutions, we make extensive use of Microsoft Office 365, Google G Suite and Dropbox, eliminating the need to invest in your own server equipment. Leveraging cloud-based solutions for network scalability, redundancy, and remote access.

• Local solutions:
For storage, we make use of Microsoft Windows and Linux servers. We also work with Synology and Qnap NAS equipment for fast network file access connected with Cisco and Ubiquiti equipment for reliable and secure (wireless) network connectivity. (We also support other brands in your flavors)

• RDP solution:
We can also advise Remote Desktop solutions, where you work remotely on a private server with a “desktop in the Cloud.” This is a combination of working in the Cloud and working locally: you work online, but on your own secure server.

• ICT support:
We can also supply your workstations and other peripherals and, of course, support you with any questions and/or problems you may encounter during daily ICT use.

• Virtual Private Network:
For Virtual Private Network we can support you with WireGuard, so you can connect to your company network from everywhere you have internet.

• Firewall solutions:
For firewall solutions we can install and support Pfsense (Netgate)and OPNsense for a fast and secure network in your company.

• Virtual meeting rooms:
Nowadays a lot of the meetings are held virtually,
we can provide full installation from A to Z for using Teams, Zoom, Google Meet, etc.

• Private server room:
Over the years a server room can become a real maze, we can rearrange the server room with the newest cable technics and make sure the server room is up-to-date again

• For whom:
We can provide support for small to medium KMO’s, up to 100 users.
We also support private homes for a secure and up to date network, printers, backups, WiFi solutions, especially since teleworking is the new standard.